Special Education Law

If you are considering legal help for your special needs child, you want a lawyer who is carefully attuned not just to the law, but to the needs of your child and your family. 

What is school like for your child?  Does he comprehend what he’s reading? Is she making progress, or running in place? Has he become isolated and lonely in school? What is the mix of academic, social and emotional challenges your child is facing; and how do they interact and affect one another? Do you and your child need someone to forcefully advocate for you, or are you better served by behind-the-scenes, expert advice?

At Asher, Gaughran LLP we approach each case with intensive, individualized attention, a rich background of legal experience in special education law, and long history of collaborative relationships with the area's best clinicians. We  identify the most critical issues facing your child, and devise a legal strategy that is sensitive to your emotional and financial resources.

We know the terrain. We have successfully negotiated, advocated, litigated and settled cases in virtually every school district in Westchester County, and frequently represent students in New York City, Rockland, Dutchess, and Orange Counties. (Click here to see a partial list of where we work.)

Contact us to learn how our experience and commitment to client service can benefit you and your family. Please email or call us at 914 273 3187.