Disciplinary Matters

Zero-tolerance policies and increased enforcement have resulted in skyrocketing numbers of disciplinary proceedings being initiated against students, from elementary school through graduate school. It’s critical that families seek out legal counsel with specific experience in education law whenever students are facing disciplinary charges. Students charged with violations of their schools’ Code of Conduct can face serious consequences with long-term implications, ranging from suspensions to expulsions and referral to the criminal justice system.

At Asher, Gaughran our approach is two-fold. We zealously protect your child’s procedural rights while seeking a resolution that is fair, and not overly punitive. Where warranted, we collaborate with area’s leading criminal defense attorneys to ensure a coordinated approach to your child’s defense. And if the student has a disability, we ensure that he or she benefits from the special protections to which they are entitled.

Our representation includes:

  • Section 3214 Superintendent's Hearings
  • Manifestation Determinations
  • Expulsion and Suspension Hearings
  • College or University Disciplinary Matters

To discuss disciplinary issues, or to schedule an appointment with our attorneys, please email us or call us at at 914 273 3187.